The planning system is becoming increasingly complex and subject to change, even for those who are familiar with planning. CN Planning is well placed to give you an unbiased, yet highly informed assessment of your proposal. We have a broad experience of dealing in all types planning applications and can help guide your project through the planning process to achieve the best outcome for you. Acting for you would be someone who not only is a Chartered Town Planner, but who also has extensive and current experience in a Local Authority planning departments actually dealing with applications. We are able to represent your interests as well considering any issues that may be of concern to councillors on the planning committee. This means that we are able to identify the strengths of your planning application and know how to overcome any weaknesses.

Our experience means we can help you submit an application for:

  • New build dwellings, whether a single house or multiple dwellings;
  • Residential extensions and loft conversions;
  • Rural dwellings and barn conversions;
  • Change of use;
  • Commercial buildings and uses;
  • Community, recreation and leisure uses, including equine uses;
  • Agricultural development;
  • Conservation and listed buildings;
  • Certificates of lawfulness for proposed and existing development; and
  • Removal, variation or discharge of conditions.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to submit an application in Outline. This establishes the principle of development so to avoid costly up front planning fees and consultancy costs where it is uncertain that permission would be granted. CN Planning can guide you through this process and submit the Reserved Matters application as well should permission be granted.

Planning applications can also be made retrospectively. Retrospective applications are determined in much the same way as a regular planning application prior to development. The only difference is that there is usually a sense of urgency attached which if left could result in an Enforcement Notice being served in relation to the unauthorised development of your property. CN Planning can assist you where you wish to submit retrospectively and promptly.

What if I need particular advice, documents or studies to support my application?

Increasingly applications need to be supported by appropriate documents to either describe and detail your proposal, or to evidence that the effect of your development is sustainable. In this respect we can provide the following particular services, either as part of an application package, or as a stand alone commission:

  • Design & architectural drawings*
  • Design & access statements
  • Planning statements (justification of the proposal against the policies your application will be assessed against)
  • Draft Section 106 agreements or Unilateral Undertakings
  • Ecological and protected species surveys*
  • Transport Statements and Assessments*
  • Drainage strategies*
  • Viability studies*
*Preparation of these items may be undertaken by a consultant to CN Planning.